Meet Max for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

November 17, 2018,

We’re delighted to have begun working with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO) and have recently finalised the edit of Meet Max.

Maxim Emelyanychev is the SCO’s newly appointed principal conductor and having seen our Advice films for St Mary’s Music School, the SCO wanted us to create a similarly styled character profile to help introduce Max. We decided from the start that the film would focus on the preparations in the lead up to the orchestra’s performance of Haydn’s The Seasons at the Usher Hall, providing us with the ideal opportunity to get behind the scenes and observe the orchestra, chorus, soloists and Max working closely together.

Having recce’d the location, we planned our 2 day shoot around Max’s availability for interview and rehearsal sessions with time set aside to film scenes that would help pace a dramatic build up to the actual performance. 2 crews, 4 camera’s – including a remotely operated FS7 focussed on Max and hidden amongst the wind section – and dedicated audio recording via 6 microphones placed onstage and in the auditorium helped overcome the logistical and technical challenge of providing the required visual coverage and full orchestra sound.

Max himself was an absolute gift and it was his willingness, whit, energy and charm (not to mention, incredible talent!) that presented us with the equal challenge of how to whittle down so many moments of insight into a 5 minute film!

A nice problem to have. ☺

Maxim Emelyanychev principal conductor Scottish Chamber Orchestra by STROMA Films

 Maxim Emelyanychev conducting Scottish Chamber Orchestra by STROMA Films

Maxim Emelyanychev in Edinburgh by STROMA Films

Close-up image of Maxim Emelyanychev getting ready by STROMA Films



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